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About Us

Getting to know Kunzang

The being behind KT Fashion Emporium.

I am a busy mom to a busy toddler, I have a passion for fashion, good wine and all things found online!

KT Fashion Emporium, affectionately named after the little man in my life, was an idea that grew out of my frustration at not being able to buy quality eastern wear, in a way that was convenient to my busy lifestyle. 

Earlier this year in 2019, I had to attend the traditional Hindu wedding of a close friend. In the age of Social Media and instant gratification, wearing the same outfit twice is not a fashion faux pas you would want to commit, so I now needed two Indian outfits. Due to some events in my life and a decline in my health I was left with no time or energy to go shopping for my outfits, especially as there are no Indian fashion stores located near me and the online market seemed like a mixture of Instagram/Whatsapp stores with no guarantee on the quality, no options to return goods if unhappy and no guarantee on the delivery times.

I was forced to use outfits that I had bought for another wedding the previous year. Luckily that wedding was my cousin so the “crowd” would be different and my repeated outfits would go largely unnoticed!

On the flip side, when I needed a dress for a formal kitchen tea I was able to go online and purchase and receive a dress in a matter of a few days, without needing to leave my home or my office. The online market for non-ethnic clothes is flooded with easy options and access to international brands, local designers, low budget and high end goods all at the click of a few buttons. The returns process is painless and most often free and most stores offer guarantees on their product quality.

Being a mother, a wife and working full time, means that shopping at leisure is very difficult, and generally has a time limit. As a result I have become a master of online shopping and sniffing out the best deal on the inter-webs. Out of this need of having a 100% e-store for quality ethnic Indian wear and my skills as an online shopper (totally a qualification), I decided to start a convenient online store that guarantees quality, affordability and offers a seamless shopping experience.

So whether you are a busy mom, or have a super busy life, or you don’t have the luxury of visiting far-off shops or you are attending your first Indian wedding and need help, or you are just a lazy shopper and you need something beautiful and unique and you need it ASAP, KT's will fulfil all of your needs! Guaranteed!

We are dedicated to sourcing the best quality products for all your Indian attire needs directly from India with total transparency during our processes. We spend hours engaging with suppliers to ensure the best possible quality at reasonable rates. We only sell what we have in stock and what you see is what you get. 

We hope that you have a wonderful shopping experience here with us and look forward to receiving any feedback from you on how we can improve your experience at KT Fashion Emporium. We would love to hear any ideas or requests you may have. Mail me at kunzang@ktfe.co.za to get in touch.

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